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About us

Cheminova Asia

Cheminova A/S is a manufacturer of fine chemicals, with its main business area within plant protection products. Cheminova has developed a wide range of plant protection products by in-house process and formulation development, and markets its products globally through subsidiaries in 20 key countries and through distribution partners in most other countries. The annual turnover is around 5.6 billion Danish Kroner (DKK) or more than 750 million Euros. Cheminova employs 800 people in Denmark and 1,200 abroad.


Cheminova Asia consists of a dedicated team supporting our distributors in Asian markets in addition to the major manufacturing and marketing operation in India

Cheminova Taiwanbased in Taichung, successfully runs a vibrant business serving dealers across the island with top quality products from Cheminova's Danish and Indian facilities.


Production and development:

Cheminova has two sites globally for the production as well as development of plant protection products: The peninsula of Rønland in Denmark and in Panoli in the state of Gujarat in India. Of the total staff of roughly 800 in Denmark, 600 are employed in production and 100 in development, bearing witness to the importance of development activities for Cheminova. Covering an area of some 70 hectares, the production facilities on Rønland include not only the many synthesis plants but also state-of-the-art environmental facilities as well as in-coming and out-going logistical facilities, including formulation and packing facilities. Development is a cornerstone of Cheminova’s business, from process development to formulation development. Cheminova’s Rønland facilities house advanced GLP-certified laboratory and greenhouse facilities. 


Cheminova India’s facilities at the Panoli Industrial Estate, sprawling an area of 22 hectares, includes both production and research and development facilities. Sizeable investments have been made in recent years to upgrade existing production plants and constructing new ones. In building a new R&D Centre where 30 chemists and engineers work closely with their counterparts in Denmark, Cheminova will continue to enhance its current product offerings.


The production facilities in Denmark have been certified according to ISO 14001 regarding environment and OHSAS 18001 regarding health and safety.


Products and solutions

If plant protection products were not used at all, approximately 70% of all crops would be lost to insects, weeds and diseases. With the current use of plant protection products, the actual loss of yield is still around 40%, meaning that further increases in the use of plant protection products will make increased yields possible. Cheminova offers a wide range of plant protection products and is continuously expanding the range to meet new market needs and opportunities.




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