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Leading the World in Low Odour Formulations


Cheminova is the world's no.1 producer of malathion formulations, patented and stabilised for improved safety and convenience. Produced at our leading edge facility in Denmark, Fyfanon EW and Fyfanon UL offer control of mosquito adults in both open spaces and indoors.


Cheminova's Malathion EW and UL formulations of malathion are now recommended by WHOPES for use as outdoor space sprays as cold or thermal fogs.


Mosquitoes tolerant to other forms of control such as pyrethroid sprays can oftern be successfully managed with Cheminova's Fyfanon products.


Click the links below for more information on


Link to Fyfanon 440EW for mosquito control


Link to Fyfanon UL for mosquito control


For more information refer to the individual product pages or contact Cheminova directly.


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