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Fyfanon 440EW

Stabilised, Water Based Insecticide for Vector Control


FyfanonTM EW is an advanced water based malathion formulation based on Cheminova’s patented technology. Fyfanon EW consists of premium grade malathion droplets suspended in water and stabilized by a unique system of additives and emulsifiers. Fyfanon EW has very low odour, constitutes no fire hazard, and has an extremely low content of toxic impurities. The product is free of organic solvents and does not contain volatile organic compounds.




Fyfanon EW is a broad spectrum insecticide active against animal and human disease vectors such as mosquitoes.


For details on specific uses, please contact Cheminova


Stabilised Formulation - Improved efficacy and lower tox


The novel patented Fyfanan EW formulation preserves the malathion active ingredient with only very limited formation of toxic iso-malathion and other degradation products such as mercaptanes and disulphids.


The information below shows that the acute toxicity (e.g Rat) of malathion is more than 40x less toxic than the degraded isomalathion


  • Acute LD50 oral (rat) Malathion  >5000 mg/kg bw

  • Acute LD50 oral (rat) Iso-malathion rat >113 mg/kg bw


Fyfanon EW is positioned under the WHO classification system as 'U' i.e Unlikely to present acute hazard in normal use. Additionally reduced use of organic solvents further reduces the impact on the environment


Fyfanon EW

  • Low odour

  • No organic solvents, water based

  • Non-flammable

  • Low dermal toxicity

  • No skin or eye irritation

  • Environmentally friendly additives

  • Patented formulation

  • Excellent stability

  • Easy to handle - user friendly

Fyfanon is also commonly marketed under the brand LovlanTM


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