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Cheminova's 75th Anniversary

On July 4th, 1938, Gunnar Andreasen signed the deed for an industrial lot in Gladsaxe west of Copenhagen, and that was the beginning of Cheminova.

Gunnar Andreasen was a chemical engineer by education, but most of all he was a pioneer and an entrepreneur. He made in depth research to formulate ideas for new products, he figured out how they could be manufactured and he had ideas for design of production plants. He met prospective customers and personally negotiated the contracts for sales of the products.

Today, in 2013, Cheminova is a global company with presence where land is cultivated and agricultural production takes place.  We have an organization with professional employees in all the areas. We are 2,100 employees, and we aim to be the very best in each our field.

Gunnar Andreasen was a man who saw problems as challenges and his pioneer spirit remains strong inside Cheminova.

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