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Expertise in Innovative Formulations

- for better handling and efficacy


Cheminova focuses on new products with enhanced efficiency and lower toxicity to meet society's requirements for lower environmental impact.


Our development projects includes differentiated solutions, e.g. with more than one active substance and with more environmentally friendly solvents.


Concern for the environment and occupational health and safety means non renewable mineral oils are often undesirable in today's plant protection products. Using natural plant derived oils or the development of solid or water based formulations present viable alternatives to traditional petrochemical based products. Cheminova's water based malathion, Fyfanon 440EW and abamectin Zoro 36EW products are excellent examples of market leading innovations. Granules and water based products with superior efficiency and good environmental properties are key elements in our development philosophy. There are already a number of products in Cheminova's portfolio with no or reduced content of traditional organic solvents.


Certain active substances do not provide sufficient efficacy or are not sufficiently stable if they are formulated as solid or water based end use products. Therefore, it may still be necessary to use organic solvents in certain situations. In these cases Cheminova uses the most highly efficacious and the most sustainable organic solvents available to replace traditional solvents, such as in our dimethoate based product, Danadim Progress.


It remains critical that that farmers can always trust the efficiency of Cheminova products.




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