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Zoro 36EW

Novel, Water Based Abamectin


ZoroTM 36EW is a novel, high strength abamectin based formulation offering improved handling and safety characteristics.


Improved Safety for Operator, in Store and for the Environment


Zoro 36EW  is a water-based formulation with much reduced content of organic solvents resulting in reduced risk for operators and the environment. Additionally, the EW formulation has reduced odour and a higher flash point than Emulsifiable Concentrate formulations meaning it is safter to handle and store.


The diagram belows explains how the EW formulation combines both water and organic solvents


Chemminova's patented EW formulation of Zoro has an improved tox classification than similar EC products due to approximately 31% reduction in solvent content. The main solvent used in Zoro EW, other than water is natural palm oil. 
Many Abamectin EC formulations contain N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) as part of the solvent complex. In many countries NMP is not permitted in formulations as it is a reproductive toxicant Cheminova's EW formulations do not contain NMP

Pests Controlled


Zoro offers highly effective control of many species of mites, vegetable and citrus leafminers, Psyllids (potato and pear psyllids) and Lepidopteran pests such as Plutella xylostella and Heliothis spp.




Zoro can be used in a wide range of crops including citrus, vegetables, pome fruit, vine, cotton,  potatoes, nut crops, ornamentals


For details on specific uses, please contact Cheminova.



  • Has minimal impact on beneficials e.g. predator mites once the spray has dried and is suitable for IPM programmes
  • Unique chemistry  mode of action leading to an important role in resistance management 
  • Translaminar activity - absorbed into leaves within 2 hrs with excellent rainfastness
  • Re-entry interval of just 12 hours
  • No phytotoxicity when used as directed
  • Can be tank mixed with a wide range of insecticides
Zoro is also commonly marketed under the brands KraftTM Cal-ExTM and ImeraTM








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