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Pure Isomer Power

ProaxisTM contains Gamma Cyhalothrin, a 5th generation and the most potent pyrethroid insecticide available anywhere in the world.


Advanced Capture AllTM CS Formulation

Proaxis is based on The Advanced Capture All™ CS formulation technology giving consistent high performance no matter the weather conditions. Offering excellent rain-fastness, temperature tolerance and increased residual activity. Additional characteristics of The Advanced Capture All™ CS formulation include low volatility and non-flammability improving the ease of handling, using and transporting the product.


Precision - Reduced impact on non target organisms and users

As a most highly potent product, the reduced release of active ingredient into the environment through the controlled microcapsule release system means reduced toxicity to non target organisms and operators. Proaxis formulations are positioned under the WHO classification system as 'U' i.e Unlikely to present acute hazard in normal use. Additionally reduced use of organic solvents further reduces the impact on the environment


Precision - High impact on target organisms

Proaxisoffers excellent control levels of more than 100 chewing and sucking pests including;

  • Lepidoptera  - butterflies and moths
  • Diptera - e.g. fruit flies
  • Coleoptera - e.g. beetles etc.
  • Thysanoptera - thrips
  • Hemiptera - e.g aphids etc.

Proaxis offers both fast knockdown and extended control of insect pests. Initial control of established pest populations occurs primarily through direct contact of the insect pests with collapsing microcapsules. Larger capsules remain intact gradually releasing the gamma cyhalothrin giving long lasting control. For details on specific uses, please contact Cheminova.

Proaxis is also commonly marketed under the brands NexideTM and FentrolTM


Electron Microscopy Scan of Proaxis CS microcapsules








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