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Totem ZC

TotemTM ZC is a powerful insecticide combination for control of chewing and sucking pests in apple and vegetables containing the fully systemic insecticide, imidacloprid, plus the world’s most active pyrethroid, gamma cyhalothrin. This ideal combination of two leading chemistries in a novel ZC formulation allows trans-stemic movement of active ingredient into leaves with extended residual control.


Resistance Management

Whether pest resistance is a reality or a threat then Totem ZC can be an excellent pest management tool. Totem ZC combines two active ingredients with complimentary modes of action. There is no evidence of cross resistance between Gamma Cyhalothrin and Imidacloprid, meaning that if the target pest has tolerance to one product, in all likelihood, the other with function well.


Novel ZC formulation

Totem ZC is based on Cheminova’s proprietary ZC formulation offering quick knockdown and extended residual control.  Totem ZC is a water based formulation combining Imidacloprid SC and Gamma Cyhalothrin CS resulting in a high flash point for easy storage and transportation.  Environmental friendly additives give a reduced odour with essential advantages of excellent crop safety and improved operator safety.


Ideal Combination


Totem ZC


Gamma Cyhalothrin
Use Systemic insecticide for control of sucking pests, beetles and leaf miners in fruit and vegetable crops (SC formulation)

The worlds most active Pyrethroid based on Advanced Microcapsule Technology (CS)

Non systemic insecticide belonging to the pyrethroid family. Acts mainly by contact but also by ingestion. Provides excellent knockdown effect and good residual activity.

Crops Field crops, fruit and vegetables

More than 100 crops including Row crops, Pastures, Vegetables, Orchards and Ornamentals

Main target pests

Aphids, Whiteflies, Leaf and Plant Hoppers, Thrips, Scales, Mealy Bugs, Bugs and Psyllids

Leaf Beetles, Weevils

Leaf Miners, Other Diptera

More than 100 chewing and sucking pests including;

Butterflies and moths
Fruit flies, leafminers (adults)
Aphids, leafhoppers
Mode of action Blocks acetylcholine receptor in the post synaptic nerve
Acts on the nervous system of insects, disturbs the function of neurons by interaction with the sodium channel.


Totem ZC is also commonly marketed under the brands WarrantTM  Power and 1144 DUK DUKTM

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