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Natural Inspiration for Complete Fungal Protection


A natural anti fungal compound synthesised by a woodland fungi is the inspiration behind Cheminova's AzakaTM fungicide. Containing the worlds' best selling fungicide, azoxystrobin, Azaka delivers consistent yield and quality benefits across a broad array of crops.


Azaka offers wide spectrum disease control against all four types of fungi

  • Ascomycetes (powdery mildew, mycosphaerella, glomerella)
  • Basidiomycetes (rust, rhizoctonia)
  • Deuteromycetes (alternaria, septoria)
  • Oomycetes (downy mildew, phytophthora)


Azaka provides a greening effect in many crops i.e. leaves stay greener for longer. Advantages of greening implies;

  • Longer time for photosynthesis
  • Better resistance to plant stress
  • Better uptake of nitrogen

 = Improved Yields


Azaka is also commonly marketed under the brand IribisTM




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