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Preventative, Curative and Eradicant Fungicide with Maximum Systemicity


Impact TM contains flutriafol, the world's most systemic azole fungicide for control of a wide range of diseases in many important crops.


Fast Action


Impact rapidly enters the plant giving immediate protection and stopping ongoing fungal attacks with its strong eradicant action.


Unique Systemicity


Indication of the fast movement of Impact into plants can be seen by the relative lipophilicity (Log Kow Values), the lower values moving fastest through the wax layers of plants.


Product Log Kow Values
Flutriafol 2.3
Cyproconazole 2.9
Tetraconazole 3.1
Triadimenol 3.3
Epoxiconazole 3.4
Tebuconazole 3.7
Propiconazole 3.7
Flusilazole 3.7
Hexaconazole 3.9
Difenoconazole 4.3


To demonstrate the systemic action of Impact, Soyabean leaves (ref below) treated with a small spot of fungicide around the central vein, shows that tebuconazole (left) controls rust on the soyabean leaf where the fungicide has been applied. Impact (right) moves within the leaf to control the rust across the whole leaf area





 Options for all growing systems


Impact can be used as a foliar spray, in certain situations through irrigation systems as well as in furrow treatments. The product is rapidly taken up by roots giving total plant protection. Impact is also available as a granule proving very popular with coffee growers.


Wide range of uses 


Impact is used on many crops including;



Podosphora leucotricha

Venturia inaequalis

Bananas Mycosphaerella fijicola
Mycosphaerella musicola
Cereals Erysiphe graminis
Helminthosporium spp.
Puccinia spp.
Rhynchosporium secalis
Septoria spp.
Tilletia spp.
Ustilago spp.
Chicory Erysiphe cichoracearum
Puccinia cichorii.
Coffee Hemileia vasatrix
Corn Sphacelotheca reiliana
Flax Colletotrichum lini
Grapevine Guignardia bidwelli
Uncinula necator
Peas and beans
Aschochyta pisi
Uromyces pisi
Colletotrichum pisi
Peanuts Mycosphaerella arachidis
Mycosphaerella berkeleyi
Puccinia arachidis
Oilseed rape Alternaria spp.
Cylindrosporium concentricum
Phoma lingam
Potatoes Alternaria solani
Soybeans Cercospora kikuchii
Cercospora sojiana
Michrosphaerea diffusa
Septoria glycine
Sugar beet Cercospora beticola
Erysiphe betae
Ramularia beticolae
Uromyces betae
Sunflowers Diporthe heliinthi
Erysiphe spp.
Cercospora spp


Impact is not effective against Oomycetes e.g Phytophthera spp.


For details on specific uses, please contact Cheminova.


Impact is also commonly marketed under the brands PointerTM and TopguardTM

Seed treatment products are sold under the brand VincitTM














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